Green screen or blue screen?

Filming against a green or blue screen is known as ‘Choma key’.
This technique enables the background to be cut out and replaced. It’s most familiar use is with weather forecast presenters.

But which is better green or blue?

The answer is they are both the same.
It depends upon the colour of the presenters eyes,  clothing and prop or product colour that is to be filmed.

Let us come to you with our portable studio!

Create your own virtual world!

Creating a virtual world by using chromakey removes messy backgrounds.
It is the ideal way to deliver your own corporate news, promoting a product or making a sci-fi movie!

The limitation is your own imagination… it could be simple, like a company logo or big like a complete interactive set.

While most adventurous chroma key shoots should be done in a dedicated studio, we do have several portable chroma key studios that we can bring to you.  These are great for filming products and props, interviews and presenters.

Don’t be blue, make your competition green… with envy!