It’s all in the cut

Editing is where the magic happens.
It is where all the time spent planning and filming starts to be seen, as intended, for the first time.

The first process is to digitise all of the filming takes, called rushes, onto a computer.  This is followed by a rough assemble edit, which gets refined into a draft edit for the client to see.  Finally, the film is ‘polished’ by grading the  pictures and cleaning the audio.

We can output to virtually any format!

Flow like a river…

A well made film will flow seamlessly from beginning to end.
It should engage and not linger… and the editing process is where the pace of the film should be set.  The length of shots and where the cuts fall should be dictated by the natural flow of the film.  It should be allowed to ‘breath’ naturally.

A well edited film should engage the viewer from beginning to end. The viewer should have a clear understanding of what the film was about at the end, and it should leave them with the intended emotional feeling, whatever that may be.

We are happy to edit your film… even if we did not film it!