The end is nigh!

Once your film is made, it needs to supplied in a format that your viewer can watch.
Today, many films are encoded for viewing on the internet, but there is also a call for interactive DVD and Blu-ray discs.
Disc formats give the viewer offer something of substance to own, adding overall value to your film. They can also be packaged with printed booklets to give a very professional finish.

We can encode your film to virtually any format!

Delivery formats

Think about how your film we be watched. We can provide multiple formats of the film to suite:

  • Web: We can encode your film for virtually any use, including video streaming sites such as Vimeo or Youtube. We can also encode films to your own requirements.
  • DVD: A DVD gives a physical sense of value.  The menus can be interactive and the disc can hold extra items such as slideshows, text information, and computer accessible files, such as PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word docments, etc.
  • Blu-ray: Blu-rays give the best quality and are suited to presentation, conference and tradeshow film formats, as the discs are still relatively expensive.

We can help you decide which format is best for you.