It’s in the bag!

We have invested in professional equipment to do a professional job for professional people.
Our kit is modern, well maintained and in full working order.
Owning our own kit means we can work efficiently and with confidence as we know it inside and out. We know which equipment will achieve the best results according to your film making needs.

We don’t compromise, so why should you?

Our kit list

Broadcast shooting kit
High Definition Sony PDW700 XDCAM-HD 422
HJ22 x 7.6 BIASE Canon Digital Drive Broadcast Lens (with x2 extender)
Canon Wide Angle Broadcast Lens with matt box and filters
Miller Sprinter 2 tripod with Arrow 55 head
Pag/Dedo top light
IDX Wevi wireless video/audio link with portable HD/SD 7” LCD directors monitor with headphones

4K Cinematic/high speed slow motion shooting kit
4K Sony FS700 large format high speed camera (Slow motion camera)
Atomos Shogun Inferno
Alphatron viewfinder
Assorted lenses 11mm-500mm including Zeiss Distagon set 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm/macro.
Movcam shoulder rig
O Connor follow focus
Miller Sprinter 2 tripod with Arrow 55 head
IDX Wevi wireless video/audio link with portable HD/SD 7.5” Oled directors monitor with headphones

4K Aerial Filming Kit
Yuneec H920 Tornado Plus drone
Yuneec Panasonic GH4 Integral Gimbal
Yuneec Typhoon H drone
CGO3 Camera Gimbal

Underwater shooting kit
Scuba Cam glove for PDW-700 or similar
Scuba Cam for small cameras

Mini camera kit
Sony MC1 POV camera with recorder, Go Pro Hero 2, Vio POV HD,
2x DVDR HD motorsport mini-cams
Assorted suction mounts, anti vibration mounts, clamps and arms

Jib/crane shooting kit
Exendable 1-2m Libec Quick Jib50 with remote head and heavy duty dolly with monitor

Sound kit
Broadcast Standard Sennheiser MKH 416 gun mike with basket, wind jammer and fish pole
3 x Micron Full Diversity Radio Mike
1 x Micron Radio Mike (Non Diversity)
1 x Micron phantom power converter cable
1 x Micron mixer cable
4 x Sanken Cos11x lapel mikes, 2 x Countryman lapel mikes, 2 x Sony ME77 Wired mikes
XLR extension/live feed cables and adapters
Sony and Sennheiser Professional Headphones
12 x sound blankets with stands

Easy Rig Mini-strong  (4-6KG)
Easy Rig Cinema 3, 600N
Bespoke steerable dolly with pneumatic off-road wheels and electric drive
Powered heavy duty operator carrying dolly with 12 meter long metal tracks for uneven ground
Light weight spider dolly and ride-on spider dolly
12 meters of flexible track for going around corners
12 meters of track channels and straighteners
2.5 meter lightweight folding dolly track
2 meter bespoke powered heavy duty slider
1 meter bespoke heavy duty manual slider
Glidecam Vistatrack 200-48 heavy duty slider with built in legs
Low level skater dolly
Heavy duty skater dolly
Libec Studio Pedestal with dolly
Miller Solo legs
Miller mini legs
2 x Cinesaddle

Lighting Kit
1x Dedo Master Lighting Kit comprising 1x 1000 watt soft light, 1 x 150 watt soft light , 3 x 150 watt heads,1 x Gobo projector
6 x Starlight  Octodome
3 x 650 watt 3 x 300 watt ARRI Fresnels
2 x LED Lights (1×1)
1x LED Half Panel
1x Ledzilla
Assorted stands up to 3.5m high
Gels, spun and diffusers
White/silver reflector

Chromakey kit
Reflecmedia popup 2.1m x 2.1m Chromaflex screen with green and blue LED light ring
Black and white reversible pop up 2.1m x 1.8m screen with green chromakey overlay
10m x 3m reversable chromakey curtain

Prompter People 17” Proline with lap top for through the lens prompting
8” on camera prompt.

Directors confidence monitor
21″ Oxygen DCT confidence monitor on stand.

2 seater Nissan NV200 Van with European Sat Nav

Editing studio
8 Core Apple Mac with Final Cut Studio Pro and twin 30” monitors
24” HD Grading monitor and 17” SD Grading Monitor
DSR11 and PDW-U1
Shure SM7B voiceover mike and Sound Devices studio mixer
Mobile editing on MacBook Pro Touch

DVD and CD duplication
DVD’s and CD’s are duplicated by Rimage computerised robotics with a full colour thermal image design

Bags of kit

Prompting equipment

Studio lighting

Location equipment

Glidecam Vistatrack 200-48 heavy duty slider with built in legs

Sony PDW700 and Sony FS700 cameras

Sony FS700 cinematic high speed slow motion camera