Have camera, will travel!

We are used to travelling to clients in London, the rest of England, the EU and the wider world.
We come to you, bringing the crew and kit we need to fulfill your filming requirements.
Once the films are edited, you can watch the draft films online to leave feedback.
However, if you do want to visit us in Dorset, then we’d be delighted to see you!

It’s your location that matters, not ours!

By plane, train and automobile

If we are travelling by plane, then we have lighter weight kit options, so we don’t have to worry so much about excessive baggage charges!
We have found using the Eurostar train a great way to get onto the continent quickly, enabling us to travel to locations in mainland Europe.
If we are travelling by road, then we are able to bring all of the required equipment to the filming location with ease, without compromising any creativity or work flows.

We tailor our kit to the method of travel and your needs.