Video is an established and powerful marketing tool. It is used regularly in business for product promotion, advertising services, staff training, customer feedback and internal communications… but how good do you look when you are being filmed?

Here are some things to do:

Ask for the interview questions beforehand and make some time for yourself, by yourself, to prepare.

Sit upright and lean in towards your interviewer slightly to show you are confident. Get comfortable and don’t fidget, but don’t become like a statue either! Place your body at a slight angle to the camera to make yourself look slim and dynamic.

Eye contact
Maintain eye contact with the interviewer to appear trustworthy. Avoid the temptation to look down the camera lens unless you are presenting.

Slow down
Leave time after the question before you reply. Speak coherently and clearly, avoiding umms and errs. Speak in sound bites and include the question in your answer.

Ask to use a prompter
Use a prompter to eliminate the need to remember facts, figures and scripts.

(We once filmed a MD who had 2 simple sentences to say about his own company and product. 72 takes and 2 hours later and he still hadn’t managed it!)

Have fun!
Relax and enjoy the whole filming experience as this will come across as enthusiasm.

These simple tips will help you to present as a knowledgeable, confident and enthusiastic professional.
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