Music makes the mood

Choosing the right music is so important when it comes to editing a film.

Music has an emotional effect on the audience, so matching sound to the look and feel of the pictures is the glue that helps hold the film together.  It can build suspense, dictate a mood or feeling and punctuate action.

We can also get music composed especially for film, as we did with Pip the squirrel and friends.

We can help to source the right track for your film, failing that we can have it composed!

Use sound… for effect!

Sound design and sfx can add dynamism to the film sound track, lifting it from something plain and simple to something with shazaam!

SFX of course must be used appropriately and responsibly. Over doing the SFX is like using lots of fancy transitions in between visual cuts… disturbing and distracting.

Often the simplest is the best.

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” Alfred Hitchcock

Filming protagonist with a weapon for a police firearm training film for Saab Technologies