We were tasked with making a film for Saab Technologies to showcase the equipment and training they give to the process of finding and clearing IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices).
This was aimed at the defense sector market.

To keep travel costs down we filmed in a sand quarry, which had the look and feel of Afghanistan.
We used real soldiers and simulated an ambush scenario using pneumatic explosions, along with showing training elements.
The weather was against us, with cloud bursts one minute, lightening the next and sunshine the next, but we managed to extract ourselves and our kit from the mud!
Graphic elements were added to further explain the IED finding process.

The film was edited with the American market in mind by making it fast paced with lots of SFX.

The film was shown a few weeks after it was made in the USA where it was a huge hit…resulting in several million $ worth of business in just 3 days!