The sky is the limit!

We keep production values high by using  equipment such as jibs, dollies, and sliders to achieve camera moves and angles that will engage the audience.
This enables us to tell your story in a visually powerful, memorable way.
Film is a moving medium, so getting the camera to move is a good way of enhancing any production.

It’s called a movie for a reason!

Grip kit – what it is and what it does

  • Jib: Crane which mounts onto a tripod to elevate the camera into the air. Often comes with a 3-axis remote control head.
  • Dolly: A platform on which the camera and operator can ride. The platform runs on straight or curved sections of mobile ‘railway tracks’ or flexible track for more complex moves. Needs someone to push the camera platform.
  • Slider: A short run of dolly track that can be mounted to a tripod, used directly on the floor or has built in legs. It can move a camera sideways, forward or back.

Grip equipment is any piece of kit which supports or ‘grips hold’ of the camera.