How good is your memory?

It takes dedication and a lot of time to memorize a script.
It takes talent to memorize the script and present it to camera.

That’s why for non-professional actors, we recommend using a prompter.
The prompter displays the script for you to read enabling you to concentrate on your delivery.

It’s all about the presentation.

The secret to acting – revealed!

By using a prompter you will come across as a confident professional, rather than as someone bumbling along, trying to remember their lines.

Using a promper will also save valuable time off set, as the presenter only needs to be familiar with the script.  They don’t have to memorize it word for word.

The prompter also saves time on the set, as there are fewer re-takes due to script delivery mistakes.  Time disappears quickly with re-takes… too many eats up time on set and adds to post production editing time off set… and the consequences can be costly.

Why wouldn’t you want to use one!?