The world is full of noise!

We are surrounded by things that generate noise in our everyday lives.  But, when we are filming, we often don’t want to record these background noises as they are a distraction.
Trying to isolate the sound we want to record from the sounds we don’t can sometimes be a tricky task.
Fortunately, we  have some tricks up our sleeve, and bring a dedicated soundman when required.

We have a selection of microphones to choose from.

Have you heard about sound?

What do you call a film with good pictures but bad audio?
Answer: A slideshow.

What do you call a film with good audio, but bad pictures?
Answer: Radio.

Which of the above would still get your message across?
Answer: The radio show of course!

Fact: People will listen to good quality audio, but will switch off quickly if the sound is terrible, no matter how great the pictures are.

Recording good quality audio is very important to us.