Expand your audience

Subtitles are a great way to make your film accessible to a wider range of viewers.
It is often a requirement for films to be subtitled to fulfill accessibility laws for people who are hard of hearing.
Subtitles are also a great way to enable your film to be viewed by non English speakers, by having the subtitles translated into different languages.

We create subtitles in house.

When silence is golden

Subtitles enable your film to be played where sound may not permitted, such as in doctors surgeries, airport lounges, waiting areas, receptions, etc.
Or even in places where it may be impossible to hear, such as at conferences or trade shows.
Subtitles enable viewers to read the script as it is played out, meaning your message is not lost.  It is a simple method of communication that benefits the viewer, whilst maximizing the exposure potential of your film message.

We can get your script translated into foreign languages!