One exciting aspect of advancements in new technology is that we now have the ability to film from the air. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly known as drones can carry cameras for the purpose of taking photos and for filming.

With amateur drones cheap to buy from your local electrical store you’d think you can do it yourself, right? Wrong.

Let me dispel some myths regarding the use of a camera equipped UAV.

Commercial Gain

Using footage for commercial gain, regardless of if any money hands requires you to be licensed by the CAA. So even if you merely want some footage for your own website, you must be registered.


You need to be licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in order to fly for commercial purposes and hold a current ‘Permission for Commercial Operation’ (PfCO).

How do I get my license and PfCO?

You have to go on a training course, pass a theory exam, create an operations manual yourself outlining how you will operate your UAV safety, pass a practical exam and then apply to the CAA for a PFAW license. Plus you need to buy the aircraft and camera. All of this amounts to a considerable investment in time and money.

So where can you fly?

Currently you are not allowed to fly within 150 meters of a congested area or a open air crowd consisting of more than 1000 people, 50 meters of any person, vehicle or property outside of your control. The range is limited to 120 meters up (400 feet) and 500 meters out in any direction. There are also restrictions on airspace.

What about flight crew?

The pilot should not be flying alone, but utilize a spotter to assist in the location of the aircraft and the security/safety of the area of operation. Some UAV’s require a third person to operate the camera.

What if anything goes wrong?

Weather, GPS signals, radio interference, battery failure and solar flares are just a few of the things that can create problems when flying. If anything does go wrong, then you need to have emergency procedures in place and good insurance to cover any property damaged or persons injured as a result.

Hire Experts

If you require aerial photography and video, the best option, as in all walks of business, is to remove the stress and worry by hiring experts who specialize in just that.

We have a state-of-the-art UAV capable of taking broadcast quality video and hi resolution photographs.  If you are interested in our new service, then please do get in touch.

We are approved drone operators for ITV and are one of only a few operators to have a special permission from the CAA called an Operating safety Case.  This Safety Case allows us to reduce our safety cordon from 50 meters down to 20 meters, meaning we can fly in or close to congetsed areas easier than other operators.

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