Filming underwater

There is a lot of red tape to safeguard the cast and crew when it comes to filming underwater, but we can help you.
For starters, the diving crew all have to be HSE qualified professional divers.
The minimum diving team requirements for filming using scuba equipment in the UK needs to be a supervisor, cameraman, standby diver and tender.

We can guide you through the red tape.

It’s a different world!

Shots from underwater always add something different to a production. It is a world that is rarely seen by most people.
Shots can still be aquired without the need for scuba equipment, it depends upon your objectives, available equipment and what safety measures can be put in place.
We have waterproof mini cams which can be operated from the surface.
Our Amphibico Phenom works just as well in shallow water, as it does in deep. The wide angle lens makes the water look deeper than it really is.

Dive in, get creative!