What you may not know…

Here are a few hints and tips to do with filming:

Light:  Lighting in offices can vary considerably. The human eye may not be able to see all of the colour spectrum, but the camera sensor will.  This is why lights may often be asked to be switched off and additional lighting brought in.  Fluorescent tubes in particular can give a horrible green hue, making the talent look sickly.

Loudness:  Loudness is not the same as volume, loudness is the measurement of air pressure.  It is important because if you are matching various audio and video assets, they may each have a different loudness value.  Music, such as pop and chart are typically at -16 LUFS, while orchestra music or music with a greater dynamic range will be around -20 LUFS. Film and video audio should be at -23 LUFS to allow for the dynamic range, otherwise it will sound crushed and flat.  In order to make music and film audio match in loudness, the audio only assets should have their levels adjusted down to -23 LUFS.  This way for example, if you are giving a presentation at a conference, the audio levels are all the same.  The volume can then be set and left for the duration of your presentation. Learn more.

Format:  It is important to choose the correct format from the start. If you are planning on making a DVD for sale in the USA and England then it should be filmed in an NTSC format. If your film is just for the UK, then PAL is the best format.  A decision should also be made at the whether the footage will be shot as progressive or interlaced.  Progressive will give a ‘film like’ look and encodes very well, but is not so good for fast action.  Interlaced is best for fast action.

Wardrobe:   Avoid tight patterns on clothing as these can strobe on camera causing a moiré effect.  Always bring a change of clothes, especially if you are being filmed for green or blue screen.  Plain, colorful clothing is better than dark, busy clothing.

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